Physician Micro-Internship

to Becoming a Physician 50 minutes $99

The Intro to Becoming a Physician Micro-Internship is the starting point in considering a career in the practice of medicine and will provide an overview on a career in medicine, different possible career paths within the medical field to consider, educational requirements, future employment opportunities, and salary ranges

The Foundation
of Becoming a Physician 50 minutes $99

The Foundation of Becoming a Physician Micro-Internship focuses on personality traits, skills and competencies, and work-life balance to help complete the foundation of knowledge in evaluating a career as a physician.

in Practicing Medicine 50 minutes $99

The Ethics in Practicing Medicine Micro-Internship aims to give awareness about ethics in a career as a physician, areas where ethics can have the most impact, the governance of ethics within medicine, and offers situational examples of ethics in medicine.

Real World
Experience in Becoming a Physician 50 minutes $99

The Simulated Real World Experiences in Becoming a Physician Micro-Internship will include sharing real world experiences in medicine, assigning a task for you to complete that is intended to represent the kind of work you could be doing as a physician, and getting feedback on the completed work from a professional.